Hopscotch kinda ending, PS thanks to_____



Hi Hopscotchers,
Look: most (not all) really good Hopscotchers are leaving: @MagmaPOP, @Anonymous, and loads more... And since Hopscotch wants us to pay money I don't think I will stay any longer either... I am soooo not paying for an app! Me and my CP and BFF @RainbowCrazy are 1. running outa ideas 2. not willing to pay 3. Just think it's so annoying how people keep saying how people bully them or blah. So I will still be on but a lot less... So I already want to say thanks to some people: @KVJ you have been an AMAZING friend and have always helped me! You're toooo kind! @Maltese You have given me WONDERFUL ideas for projects and always inspired me! You're tooooo sweet! Everyone else who has helped me including @RainbowCrazy who is (obvi) a friend from school! Anyway, I hope you guys improve hopscotch!


So you'll leave?
If so Bye!

THT need to get peoples to pay for the features to get money. Think like this:
If they not get money, then they can't get food and more... then they can't live and then hopscotch never could continue to be here!


Ok, bye.
But you can use the free version.


You can use the free version, though. If you don't wanna pay then don't.
THT are people too. They need money to keep hopscotch running and they all have families they need to feed and care for as well as we do.


You're welcome!

BUT NOOO PLEZ STAY! Join the fridges!


I'm staying, on the condition that u give me a few ideas of things to code, cuz I have nooooooo clue!


Well, what do you like to code? (Games, trail art, music, etc.)


I can use the free version but since I just started Senior School, I got like tons of homework so I'll be on just less...


Everything @Sensei_Coder
Any ideas?

Mass Idea List (all credit to @Rawrbear)

Rainforest music
My Pet Bird
Hotel Manager
Buisness Master
iPod with Music
Little Alchemy
Stay Alive game through choices
Space Game
Racing (Space Race?)
Draw a Character
Make Your Own Character
Shooting Star game/comet
Drawing Pad multiple brushes
[food or drink] maker
Grocery store
Coffee house
Duck Hunt
Dinner Dash
Stay Alive
Coffee House
Mall Manager
A board game (Life, Monoply, etc.)
A cooking game
A spy movie
A school movie
A school simulator
A simulator
A maze
Something 2.5D
An arcade game
Pixel art
Emoji pixel art
Don't let the Pigs(animal) Pass
In-Editor Scavenger Hunt
Food launcher
RNA Transcription
Create a store
Chocolate maker
Store owner
iPad or iPhone
Santa Simulater
Clean the room
Escape the room with riddles
Something related to a green bear
Stoplight simulater
Make up some random music
Gravity falls adventure
Hunting simulater
Golf simulater
A drawing board with music and mini games
Explore bikini bottom
Hopscotch in hopscotch
Stargirl's adventure
Underwater backround
Rayman run (check App Store)
Subway surfers
Minion simulater
Pizza maker
Mining master
Pastry shop
Working tv
Camp half blood
Boss fight
Screensavers (like bubbles and ribbons)
Spa day
Wedding day
Find your cat
Working clock
Soda simulater
Science experiments
Build a bear workshop
Fossil digging
Start a business
Jurassic world
Cinema simulater
Temple run
Own a house
Building game
Plane game!
Battle game!
Hot air ballon game!
Catch the apples!
Back to bed (a game in the App Store)
Music with chords!
Secret colors!
Secret sounds!
Cat game
Cooking game!
Puppy game!
Hopscotch forums!
3D game
2D game!
Drawing pad


But you could still code on hopscotch.
wait, @ Anonymous is leaving??!! I had to space it because it would just show it.


Yay! Hmm depends. What do you want ideas of? As in, what kind of project?


@KVJ Any! Just not too hard


Ya I know it's CRAZY!


As in what kind?
Trail art?
Shape art?
CoSine thingy?


@KVJ Anything except CoSine...



@KVJ I can NOT do CoSine I swear!


Anyone can. All you need is practice.


Ya but I don't know YET!