Hopscotch Keyboard Support (Advanced Feature)

A feature I’d like to see in Hopscotch is:

Physical Keyboard Support

I’d use it for this type of project:

Not necessarily a specific project type, but writing code this way could be faster and more efficient

Here are some examples of Hopscotch code that could be improved if we had this:

<insert keyboard typing code noises>

Here is an example design I’ve made:

(CMD+I for mute)

I’ve seen something similar in another programming languages, it looks like this:

I made a game set on PowerPoint, so technically I can call it a programming language.

Why would it be useful?

Adding Keyboard support shows that the app can also be catered to power users such as myself, so can sometimes get tired of tapping buttons and scrolling a lot. With this, code can be written a lot faster.

(say for example you want to add a repeat forever block. if you remember the keys for it, you can quickly do something like NS and the block gets added before the time it takes to even scroll there)

I know there is a better way to set it up than I did, and with this, a specific key combo can be saved to quickly make bits and pieces of code that would otherwise require more waiting.

Wouldn’t this confuse a new user?

No, it would be an option in the settings app under the Hopscotch tab to “enable keyboard support”.

Pretty far out there, eh?

Yes, definitely. I don’t expect this to come any time soon (or at all tbh), but it’s something that can benefit users such as myself. With keyboard support, a debug tool and several other things could work really well with it. These features would make Hopscotch stand out from the rest and possibly bring in more customers and subscriptions. (Android version?)

Chances of this happening within 5 months: 0%
Chances of this ever happening: 1%


I don’t use a keyboard, but cool


I don’t normally use a keyboard but this would be cool


Secret message that didn’t get hidden =(8^/)

Also this might do good, but idk how other ppl would feel.

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I use a bluetooth keyboard, and would find this extremely helpful! :smile:


It wasn’t meant to get hidden.


I don’t use a physical keyboard, but good idea then.


That´s definitely a cool feature, I think! Not necessarily the highest priority, but I know many schools use keyboards on their iPads!


This is a pretty cool suggestion!

It’d be cool to have support for computers too! Such as when key (ex: E) is pressed


Computers would require a whole new development of the app though

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This would be super useful for Bluetooth keyboard / MacOS version


i dont have keyboards so this may just complicate things


Read the post (it says this would be an option you turn on outside of the app specifically under the “wouldn’t it confuse a new user” heading)


This would be really helpful for coding large pixel arts with 30+ colors you’ve got individual abilities for, like when you’ve got to put color #29 next to color #2 or something!
Well if it would be able to do that.
Either way it’d be helpful XD



I’m just wondering how often these topics get looked at? There are so many ideas that have been untouched, yet they just get closed for being “old topics”, which doesn’t make any sense. Like, how is THT going to add something like this if the topic has been closed and they haven’t even seen it yet?

Could we let this stay? That’d be very nice.

And yeah, revive this idea. This could be a part of user settings rather than project settings.