Hopscotch keeps crashing


Hopscotch keeps crashing for me, even though i'm using an iPad Pro.
When in the editor, I can tap a block, and when I add a

or similar, it crashes instantly. No progress loss happened, but it was extremely frustrating. After manually closing down Hopscotch and leaving the iPad for a while it stopped.

a half minute later

Hopscotch crashes


Did you update it?
It may or not be because of that


Thats really weird do you think it might start happening again?


Is the update out now :scream:

Edit: :scream::scream::scream: It did :scream::scream::scream::scream:


Just came out :D


It is!

It's in da app store rn!


Not quite yet I don't think
Edit: I stand corrected. I'm just downloading it now


choir sings


I left for school on the day subsriptions came, and there are 53 new topics?!?!

Hmm. I wonder why it's crashing. :thinking: