Hopscotch keeps crashing within 2-5 minutes of opening app

This seems to also happen when I log out, then log in to either the same account or a different account, whenever the one I log into has a notification.

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Oh yeah - I have noticed that when I crash and reopen the app, I have a notification alert, but the only notifications are old ones I’ve already seen. @Crosbyman64 @Awesome_E

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@Yuanyuan, @Awesome_E my issue got 1,000,000 times worse

It won’t even let me code anything anymore, even while offline.

This time uninstalling and reinstalling proved to be ineffective.

Time till crash: literally less than 30 seconds

Device Details:
Apple iPad Pro 2018, 11” (iPad8,1)

iPadOS 15.1 Public Beta 2 (build letter = f, most times this would be causing this issue, but I’m not sure if I can remove the beta profile without losing all of my data on my device. And I don’t have enough iCloud Storage to make a backup, nor am I able to upgrade my storage).

82.2 GB of 512 GB iPad Storage used


ahh that’s so weird! i haven’t experienced this yet.
you’ve probably already done this… but have you tried restarting your iPad recently?


Yes, but that always proved to be ineffective.

I have tried the following:

  • Power Off iPad then Power On: didn’t work
  • Hard Restart (Reboot) iPad: didn’t work
  • Reset RAM on iPad (show Power Off screen then hold home button): still didn’t work
  • Uninstall Hopscotch: worked the first three times, but this time it’s not working

I can also confirm it’s not my internet, since A: it’s super fast, and B: I was offline

The only difference between you and I is that I am using a iPadOS Beta Profile. A potentially unstable one too.

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I think what I’ll try is copy my contents to my computer (as a backup in case my data gets deleted or device needs to be formatted), then after I get the RC build I’m going to remove the Beta Profile so I can receive the official iOS software again. Then I’ll restore my data if needed.


does hs jump out or the code is read wrong?

Mine does this as well recently - it crashed 5 times within an hour working on project of the week

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The screen turns black and the app shuts down, kicking me out of the app and back to my home screen

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I’ll try to get a video of it

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kk thanks
not having the same issue

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can you tell me when it crashes? (i just remember having this two times)

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I can replicate it as it has happened twice since I started trying to video it

Catboxing my video now

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@anon82626866 @yuanyuan @crosbyman64


I checked the video for PI :slight_smile:


kk perfect
@/Yuanyuan, i’m also having this bug, but it’s not the same thing as the descripted bug in pm (that’s an other one). I have this when i quit and open an object too fast.


Yep, i’ve noticed closing one object and opening another quickly tends to result in this bug.


We’re working on fixing this - thank you for all of your help with the clips and sending me the info!


It ranges from 30 seconds to 1:20s. I got the analytics with the crash report, which I have sent to Yuanyuan.

And yeah, a crash means the app unexpectedly quits to your Homescreen.

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I just upgraded my software to 15.1 Public Beta 3, and Hopscotch is crashing less for me (lasted for 2+ minutes before I closed it manually. Usually the cap is 1:20s before it crashes every time).

When I was on Public Beta 2, some of my other apps (like GarageBand) were also crashing unexpectedly (far less frequent than Hopscotch, but usually my other apps don’t crash at all).

Just thought I’d let you both know.