Hopscotch keeps crashing within 2-5 minutes of opening app

Use this template to make awesome bug reports:

your username: mouldycheese8

What kind of device are you using?: iPad

1 sentence description of the problem (I was doing hopscotch _, and then it turned off happened):

Steps that the Hopscotch team can take to reproduce my problem every time:

  1. Not sure


I expected this to happen:
It keeps on working
But instead this happened:
It turned off
Here’s a sweet screenshot:
I can’t really take one because I don’t think we’re allowed to take photos of our screen and share them on the forum


What do you mean? Did the app crash?

You need to fill this out so Hopscotch can find out what happened and why it happens. If you don’t, they can’t fix it. Were you playing a specific project? Editing a specific draft?


It keeps happening within like 5 minutes of going on hopscotch, it goes back to my Home Screen.


Yeah, but what were you doing in Hopscotch? If you can’t give specific details, then Hopscotch doesn’t know how to make the bug happen, and they can’t fix it. See if you can answer any of these questions (the more details you can give, the more likely it is for the bug to get fixed)

Were you editing a project or playing one? (or neither)

What was the name of the project? Was it a draft or published?

Is it always at a specific time? Like almost exactly 5 minutes each time?

Did you try opening a certain object in a project? Was it because you tried to add or remove a block?

Were you just browsing the community? What channel were you browsing?


It happens when I’m doing all of them, and the times between about 2-5 minutes.
Sometimes the project is a draft, sometimes it’s published.
It only started happening today, but the other day it came up on updates and I’d already updated it but I updated it again because sometimes that happens on my iPad and then I was offline for a few days.


Ok great, but which one were you doing at the exact moment the app crashed? Or did you mean that you could be doing any one of those things when the app crashes?

What happens when you just open the app and let it sit there?

What device model name are you using (find this in Hopscotch under the gear button, tap “about” – you should see something. like “iPad 4,1”), and what iOS version (settings app > about > Software Version)?

I am starting to think this might be related to notifications


I could be doing any of those things, and if I open it and let it sit there, it still happens.
I have iPad 6,4 and iOS 14.7.1
Also the name of the topic just changed


Ok great, that is super useful information. iPad 6,4 translates to iPad Pro 9.7" cellular, and you said latest iOS. I’ll see if I can replicate this on another device that’s similar later.

Yeah I edited it to make it more specific and easier to understand for others who haven’t read through the whole thing.


It’s being really annoying because I was trying to edit one of my games to update it, and it turned off and didn’t save it


I can’t work out why it’s happening, so maybe work out why it’s happening?


I definitely see how this can be frustrating. Have you checked the Hopscotch app on the App Store for any updates that might be available?

Also, are you on a school iPad or a device that has restrictions in any way (like filtering which webpages that you can access)?


Yeah I have restrictions but it’s not a school iPad


You can export a crash log and email it to Hopscotch. It will probably be the best way to narrow down exactly what is wrong. To learn how to export a crash log, view this page:

You probably have to ask a parent/guardian for more help. If you’re unable to export a crash log for whatever reason, let us know and we can see if there is another way to figure out what is going on.


What kind of restrictions do you have? Your device might be filtering out some of our links. You can ask your teacher/grownup to help you whitelist all the links used by us:


How will you do that?

iPad Air 2 on iOS 14

Happens to me too
Apparently turning off my WiFi solves it

Has this always happened, or is it after a certain update? Could you send me a screenshot of your about page?


My about page? Also it might be my WiFi

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Yes, if you tap on the gear button on the top right corner of Hopscotch, you will open a drop-down menu, select About and take a screenshot of it, and email it to me hello@gethopscotch.com, please.