HopScotch Kahoot!


Hi all! The Game PIN for the Kahoot is:

Comment if you are playing! It just needs people!! All you have to do is click the different shapes. Its three questions! Just come on and join!


PLEASE JOIN MY KAHOOOOOOTTTTT I need people and Hoomans to join this amazing ness


I'm joining. Just five meh a second.


Now we wait for others. Oh dear. Please invite


Maybe do a Quizizz? In Kahoot nobody can see the questions but you.


I will post the order of the de questions on here. Okay?


Questions one: T or F: Valgo left. Option 1-ye option 2- nay.



I dunno. So...I think I will make a Quizizz. I will check in here. It will be about Thanksgiving.


the new game pin is:

And okay!!


Okay join this link:
Join here
Code is 177707


Join le Quizizz!




I have joined. @PotatoLover3 when are you going to start?