Hopscotch Kahoot With Live Stream!

Hey whats up guys it Redo122 here and today I have decided to do a live kahoot on hopscotch!

The code is: 857500

Enter at https://kahoot.it/#/

P.S plz use ur hopscotch username in the nickname section or u will be kicked out.

Current People:
@Redo122 (me)


there will be a yt stream so u will see the questions.

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When? I'm in btw.

Soon just trying to set up the stream

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i'm in, my dude

also, are you sure you've set up your streaming services? you have to set up a TON of things in order to be able to stream, there isn't just a "stream" button

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Who is shive?

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could you stop kicking me out please and thank you


Nice! I get to play with one of the greats!

soz I just look up to everyone

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I'm Shivelight on HS.


Shive is @XiaoMiaoMi

@Redo122 Are you sure you've set up the stream beforehand? Or are you trying to set it up right now....?

im working on it.

I'm in


mind if you tag me when you actually start?

you have to set up camera confirmations and screen viewers in order to stream, by the way. those are extra plugins that you have to download either from the app store or from the web.

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Are you the one that uploaded Purple Shep Sings: Let It Go?


guys there is a new code plz look at the top

it's 857500

I can't do it I'm at school k