Hopscotch Jingles?


I wanna see what people do!
@OrangeScent1, I heard you're very good at them.


I like your @SmilingSnowflakes one called Frosty the Snowflake!
Like this is if you think I should make one about Shivelight leaving!



Here is my weird Shivelight song.
It to the tune of Stitches, I'm sorry if I've scarred you people for life.

I though that I'd been hurt before
By these coders who have left before
But now that my idol is gone
Shivelight I cri cuz you were my idol
Why did you leave people are still asking
I know you told us but we don't wanna believe
We know that Mi has-as can.cer
But was that truely why
That you le-eft
You were the one that stood up
To bullies
But since you have been gone
The community's getting better
So please come back Shivelight

I know it's not the whole song, I don't remember it all and I don't have time.


To the tune of waste by foster the people.
Only the chorus.
And every day that you want to code, that you want to code, you can
And every day that you want to wake up, and you want to forum, you can
And every day that you want to draw, that you want to draw, yeah
I'll help you see it through 'cause I just really enjoy HSing


All around the world are coding hopscocthers.:laughing:


Part of houdini by foster the people
Got hopscotch on, my code is cool
HS can make you excited
Volume turned up, it's anon's music
Sometimes I wanna code heaps


Wolves by Digitalism
We can take our time to make this game
When the hops are coding
You can always find the blocks to use
When the hops are coding