Hopscotch Jeopardy!


Credit to came up with the trivia games. I will ask a series of questions. Then, you reply "buzz" like jeopardy. The first person to reply buzz after I ask the question gets called on, (@.....). Then whomever I call on says the answer (what is......). The person that has the most correct questions wins.


I need 4 contestants


I'll sign up!


Okay thanks!! 3 more contestants and we can start the game!!


Ok! Use the OMTL to get more people.


Use the hoo-da-ha?




And what to I do with a list of random people?


I'll join!! This sounds like a fun and creative idea!!


Thank you!! 2 more people and we r good to go. My phone is at 1% gtg


Everyone on the list gets tagged.


Oh okay. But phone is about to die so bai


Ok! Bye!


I'll join! This sounds fun


We have 3 contestants!!


Ok, I hope more will come!


Ill join!


Yea me too!! Only one more spot peepz!!


You earned a small spam liking!


Greeeeeeeeaaaaatttt!! We r now closed!! Tommorow, the next episode of jeopardy, at 5:00 east time