Hopscotch isn't your thing?

Hey guys!
I recently realized a few days ago that many people love to code, obviously. However, some people avoid Hopscotch altogether because it doesn’t please them in the coding field, however they stay on the forum just because it’s really fun and not as coding-related as Hopscotch. (They are wrong, it is the same amount of coding-related, but whatever)

Don’t worry! You don’t have to quit coding altogether! There are tons of other websites you can use! Code.org, Scratch, Python, Khan Academy, are all ones that I approve and think are awesome, however if you have any other good ones leave them in the comments below!

And before you even get to the point of trying other coding softwares, ask yourself one question: Have you tried Hopscotch and really let yourself reach your full potential ON Hopscotch? If not, I think you should give it more of a chance. If you really find it disturbing, difficult, or boring, QUIT! That is totally okay! As long as your coding career flourishes! (And also, if you do decide to quit Hopscotch, don’t stay on the forum! You won’t relate to anything we are discussing!)

I hope this helped some of you border-line people decide where you want to go! Thanks for reading!



Codecademy is another good site for learning text-based coding languages.


@MR.GAM3R - Thanks for sharing codeacademy! I will for sure check it out!

Like @MR.GAM3R , please share the link to the website so we can all check it out! (which should automatically come on the forum, anyway!)


Cool! Yes, I myself have stopped hopscotch, but I still like to code on scratch


How does python work? Like is there a site I can find it on or is it something that needs to be downloaded on the computer?

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You can run Python code on repl.it


Python is probably already installed on your computer, but you can find the latest version here.


Yeh I found that website but I just couldn’t find where it could actually be downloaded on that page


You could just tap on “Download” on the menu on that site. Python has an in-build code editor, but I will recommend PyCharm as an external code editor. It makes everything easier.


But just be mindful that you get the right version. A lot of external software designed for python don’t work on 3.0.

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You’ll also need a way to run it. IDLE is a program where you can both write and run Python code.


It’s not really that good. You can easy get an error for no reason.

Sololearn.com works too for learning
(You’ve already shared that before)

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Code.org and scratch are drag and drop, like HS. So I’d go for the other ones if I would want something different.

Thanks for sharing links to other websites and helping others find links and all of that!
You guys are so awesome and helpful!
Keep em coming!