Hopscotch isn't about popularity!



Everyone is asking how to be on featured or trending or rising! But that is not what they should be worried about! Hopscotch is for having fun and making games. For learning to code. Not about popularity! And I think people should stop saying mean things on hopscotch. Their shouldn't be any haters. I think that is not nice and fair! We should stop it! - silver_girl


Yeah well said school buddy!


I totally agree! People are asking for likes to be on trending, rising, etc. Why do people do that???


Reply to mine, school bud!


Yeah even I did ask to be on featured...:flushed:


true but is is good to have some confidice to get on featured it makes you do better at coding ;D


A lot of us do! It says post has to be at least 20 characters!


I know, but it's not always about popularity. SmileyAlsssay, for example didn't even know she would be popular, she just wanted to play for fun not popularity! But, if it's important ( which I don't think is ever going to happen ) they can!


Hi, I'm at EnchantedHopscotchers house!


Try to be on topic @Silver_girl


Excactly what I told her!