Hopscotch is Quitting!


Hopscotch is Quitting!
When will it be fixed


You mean it just randomly crashes right?
I thought you meant tht was leaving for a moment :sweat_smile:
I was like 'Surely they aren't'


Hoi Checky-chan!
Tagging your bro @MR.GAM3R
Annoying Hop thingy…


I personally haven't experienced this yet. Maybe you should delete and reinstall Hopscotch


Yes that is right :)


This happens to me too, just randomly!


Does it happen when you log in and out?


Just some lag, relax it will be fixed!


Hmm... have you asked THT about it?
What device are you using?


Are you on iOS 10?


I assume so. Others have had this problem too in iOS 10 as well!