Hopscotch is on the Front Page of the App Store!


Check it out! :grin:


Yaya that's so awesome!

Hopscotch is a great app!


Yey! That's absolutely awesome news! :D


But look at the last review.

It's still free.:sweat_smile:

They need to calm down a bit.


It is to eepven home the only thing that costs is images.:joy:


They just don't know how to tap the white X in the left upper corner xD

It's still free :D and an optional pay for extra features!


Your right.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Or maybe they did but there like "AHHH IT COSTS FOR ME TO CODE WITH A PICTURE!!!"


Yas Hopscotch has done it again :smile:


I saw it before there, didn't know what it was.


Omg! I see it too! Congrats THT!


Yay! :tada::tada:

Congrats @Liza! I'm sups happy for you guys!

I typed more but the wifi broke and i have work to do. ;-;


Whoo Congratuverylations @Liza @Rodrigo @thomas @Meg and all the others of THT!!


Thanks, everyone! We're very excited and happy about this too.


HS deserves to be there! It's literally front page awesomeness!


Thanks for the love, everyone!


Yay! Congratulations, guys!!


I know, this is so exciting! :grin:


become a game hero, just for $8! hopscotch DLC!


What does DLC stand for? :slight_smile:


downloadable content. its something in games, basically a paid add on.