Hopscotch is losing its code-related reputation!

Hello, this 894. I have recently seen many non-code related projects all over Hopscotch.

Such as:

  • RPs, mostly containing just simply text and a large emoji or two with a tiny amount of code, occasionally none.
  • Chats, while these are similar to RPs, I’m talking about the chats where people say sensitive information. Especially where they live and their full na.me.
  • Arguments and inappropriate language, this is something you see on Hopscotch more than anything else. People often go on and on about how depre.ssed, angry or sad they are. Often, there are people who say rude things about others.
  • Hate accounts, you don’t have to like everyone, but it’s not very nice just to make a hate account. Especially on a kid-friendly platform.
  • Sharing usernames on other platforms, this happens quite a bit. While saying your Scratch (or equally any other coding platform with no chat feature) username is alright, saying your username from other platforms with a chat feature like Roblox, Minecraft, Instagram, is not allowed.

I spend my own time looking for these kinds of projects, I try reporting them, report by report. We deserve better, we deserve an actually kid-friendly community.
I personally think there should be consequences for these sorts of things, and reporting projects should be more effective.

If you would like to support me and my reporting mission, all you need to do is report anything you see on Hopscotch that isn’t allowed or appropriate.



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Yeah, there needs to be a serious rework of how the community treats HS.


I definitely agree.
I’ve been seeing more aggressiveness and more arguments throughout hopscotch.


I 100% agree with this topic, when downloading the new update, I looked at the reviews section of the AppStore. a lot of them said they quit HS because of the constant chatting, un relevant projects and unnecessary drama.

this is a really well-written topic, I once saw people posting they’re Roblox, Minecraft and Social Media usernames. this is a really big problem and needs to be stopped. unfortunately, besides manually filtering projects, this is really hard to prevent.

inevitably, on an app that it’s possible to create a text and publish it to the community, people are going to make chatting projects. whenever you see an inappropriate project that shares information that can lead to CoF, the best thing is to report.

great topic, very informative.


Completely agree with you!

Kid friendly social media may be an oxy moron.

I believe to truly solve it, people should only have access to specially curated projects. But then you lose the expansive community feel.

All projects need to go through a review process, just like Apple’s App Store. Hopscotch probably does not have the means to do that for every project. Perhaps they need to put publishing projects behind a subscription paywall as well? (Since they already do it for images)

Unless they train a machine learning model to do it for them. (Also, 2 accounts can flag down any non-featured project)


100% true.
I’ve seen people do this, and I’ve been hesitant to make a topic about this. Thankfully now there is, and I hope this would change, because hopscotch is made for coding, and not for socializing.


I understand where you’re coming from, but I disagree.

Hopscotch is currently not handling the curated system very well imo, which would make the problem much worse. Your friends can’t see the project you made, schools would have trouble using HS, and it would be super discouraging if it was that hard just for your project to be public.

They definitely have no way at all to be able to handle that sadly. I think this is great in theory but Apple gets a couple of apps a week or maybe a day that needs to get approved, but HS would get one a minute.

This would destroy any chance of new users for HS. This also would stop people from actually coding in HS, since they have to pay for it. They did this once and I believe it was the worst thing that ever happened to HS, which sounds dramatic but it’s true.


I second this ^^


I agree, some kids can’t even get their own parents to buy it for them, like me.


yes, but there are many alternatives and loopholes to get past that. back in my day, you could only make 15 drafts. but like the sub, there were a bunch of ways to counter it.


I agree!

Hopscotch is not an art app and a social media app…

But a coding app!

I really want this to change…


the fact that it’s only a coding app or the way it’s being treated?


the way it’s being treated, just look at the newest tab- no, actually don’t, not a good idea


I think the art community on HS is fine. it’s still productive and art pads are made because of it


That’s where I normally look to report


art pads are ok, as it uses code, but using them to create OCs and drawings isn’t relevant nor necessary. but then again, art pads wouldn’t really have a purpose.


me too :joy:


If there’s an art pad on HS people should be able to use it and post their drawings. It’s creative and takes skill and hard work. It should be respected as it’s another form of being creative like coding.


We’ve had too many topics about this.
It’s time THT finally did something about this.


yes, but drawing isn’t coding, I understand how much skill it takes to create art, but hopscotch isn’t the right place to do it.