Hopscotch is for Everyone!


Lately I've been seeing many posts and discussions saying
Oh if you like to draw get out
____ political figure is bad!!
This group or organization is bad!!

So can't we all just get along! Most of these opinions have nothing to do with Hopscotch anyway.
You're making people feel unwelcome in a community full of young, developing minds.
Respect one another, and we'll all have a great time!


Agree, @PressA2Equip!


Once again, agree.(sorry if your getting tired of all my posts saying I agree :wink:)
But one other thing. The Art/Coding thing is related to Hopscotch.(Just wanted to put that out there)


Yeah, that's why I said most. I was referring to the political and hateful subjects.


Oh OK :laughing:


I gotta say I love the artists on hopscotch like @OrangeScent1 and @LotsaPizza and @XiaoMiaoMi, but I'm really worried in the future, hopscotch will be known for drawing instead of it's purpose to code! Even @MagmaPOP is starting to draw a little, and don't take this the wrong way I love the drawing! I'm just telling my opinion

(sorry for summoning you guys :D)


Ba humbug -Uses smoke bomb- UNSUMMONING COMMENCE!


You have a very good point.


Sorry, I dunno what to say after that. You have a very good point.

Also, seeing my name with @OrangeScent1 and @LotsaPizza is kinda strange...
I'm considered an official artist now?


I guess, but I really love your drawings!