When I first got hopscotch, I was so excited for all the original, hard worked on, cool, and just normal in general projects for me to view and gather inspiration. Unfortunately, most of the community remix other amazing projects and add 1 detail, claim it for themselves, or put in random functions everywhere. I need help to stop this.

To make matters worse, almost the only things I see in the 'new' section are roleplays, 'adopt an emoji', like beggars, 'lotteries', and other uninspiring, unoriginal, lazily effort-given projects. Every 2 pages of cancer, there is a cool, more than 10-minutes put into, project, and I love projects that people actually put effort into. It's time to stop! this is not okay! :persevere: Let's go over what needs to stop.
  1. Roleplays
  2. 5 minute work
  3. beggars/'lottery'
    Roleplays, they don't belong on hopscotch. Hopscotch is for coding! Roleplays are not coding! Do that on another app or website. All of the RPs are cringeworthy unoriginal waste of bandwidth. 5 minute work should be unacceptable, a project with two characters with nothing but spammed functions should not be considered as code on Hopscotch. No one wants to see that! Beggars and lottery dealers / winners are self explanatory. No, we wont give you 20 likes, and no, you did not win 200 likes and 100 followers. If you are one of these people, please, put in effort in your work, do your roleplays somewhere else, and beggars cant be choosers.
Some of Hopscotch communiy is slowly turning into a hoard of FNAF/furry RPs, character spam, beggars, and cancer. We need this to stop. Hopscotch is for coding. ITS TIME TO STOP!



You can't really stop them, there are too many. They aren't going to listen, trust me, we have tried.

Welcome to the forum by the way! :smile:


Thanks for the Welcome.


We really need to stop doing this. Someone (this is a true story so I won't give out their HS username) remixed my project and they got in one of this: Featured/Rising/Trending (I can't tell specifically)! I was so annoyed of that, but it's nice anyways. We can't stop them all from remixing projects, but we can reduce them to like 1 remix: 10 original projects.


Can I ask what is a role play?


No problem! If you need any help, just @ me like this: @Dude73 and I'll try my very best to help! :smile:


Roleplay: Some one makes a blank screen with the title '(subject) Roleplay' and people remix it and add in their own character as a 'role' in a story and pretend to be the character. Obviously this is not coding. You can find a better definition if you look it up on google and ect.

"Original Project
FNAF RolePlay!

FNAF Roleplay
Chica: hi (blah) (blah)

Remix of the remix
FNAF Roleplay
Chica: hi (blah) (blah)
Foxy: Where's bonnie?

Remix of the remix of the remix
FNAF Roleplay
Chica: hi (blah) (blah)
Foxy: Where's bonnie?
Bonnie: I'm here! I was hiding behind a crate"


four hours later

Fazbear: "grabs knife"


That's pretty much how it goes, Im sick of seeing them on newest and getting tons of recognition, appreciation, and likes. (Not any compared to the volume of the featured projects, though)


And sadly a few go on thrending :pensive:


But what do you think about art???


Art does not fall in the categories of 5 minute work, role plays, or like begging/lotteries. Art is art.


I made this topic a long ago but it helps.


I've gotcha covered ; )


I thought that meme too when I saw the title


Welcome to the forum! And we definitely need to stop doing RPs and chatrooms, and put a lot of hard work into code.


RPs areallowed on hopscotch but have barley any code so do remix drawing pads


But coding drawing pad s are coded thats why people like them more


RPs really don't have any code, like everyone else said. If it's an interactive RP (games in the story, like Etalix' Moon Quest 3), then that's OK. But almost no one makes those, so until those get popular, we should help stop the no-code RPs. Great topic,@Anon!


I keep my RP's coded. I just removed the words and it got 145 likes
it was FNaF