Hopscotch IS for art-my opinion



NOTE: I know OS made a discussion about this, but i wanna make another one, as that one is getting quiet.
I hear a lot of posts on here about how 'hopscotch isn't for art' and that 'Artists should just go down the street to DeviantART' But THAT.AINT.TRUE!! Lemme tell you why:
1) We SHOULDN'T go down to Deviantart as most of us aren't old enough, so we would have to deal with inappropriate stuff to draw!! And like, who wants that?? No one. And yes i know, i said Doodle Club was an alternative, but that's only because i get lonely on there.
2) All of these great art pads people are developing, they need to be put to use!! Or else they have just wasted 2 hours of thier lives on custom colors, design, etc, on a pad no one is gonna use!! How UNCOOL is that?? Very. Exactly.

And now, the long essay...

HOPSCOTCH-Available for art. An essay by UnicornTaco3 in honour of @OrangeScent1

Artist on hopscotch. Don't you just LOVE some of them?? Or all of them, excluding the mean ones. Well i do. Their all fantasticulous. Artists on a coding app. Exquisite. Yes, a CODING APP. A CODING AND ART APP, actually. They do a great job, shining up, WITH the coders. Ah yes, the coders. Equally exquisite. They create marvellous games, for them and the rest of the community to enjoy and play. Including the artists. Back to the artists. A lot of them once envied the Coders. Some of them made decent, or even really good projects, but wanted MORE. Then THT comes in. Their exquisite too. They came along, adding the 'last touched' block, and then, the drawing pad was born!! Then, along came Valgo, who invented the custom color hack. Boy, THAT is incredible. THAT made art pads REALLY popular. And then, people began to evolve. They had found what they were ment to do, ART!! And boy, they Love it. And from this day forward, Hopscotch continues to showcase it's fantastic artists.


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