Hopscotch Is For Art AND Coding



Ok, so many things like




So I'd like to set the record straight:


My opinion may sound fierce, but it is totally biased due to the fact that I'm an art account. Please proceed with caution

First Off

Everyone knows what Hopscotch is, so don't just get out your dictionary and start saying that Drawing was never in the definition.
Hopscotch is a coding app that is used to get the hang of coding and to make awesome things!

Where It Started, And How Everybody's Wrong.

People say the last touch X and Y block was made specifically for coding


If you see the tutorial video hopscotch made, it's

How To Draw On Hopscotch

Obviously, this block is great for games and other uses, but art was ALSO addressed specifically from THT

Attention And Why It's Not Such a Big Deal

Some people say artists steal the spotlight for other coders. Well I say...:


If your coding is not getting enough attention, then try harder. I don't know why this part is a big deal, artists DO get lots of likes, but compared to coding projects they're very small.

Hopscotch is all about appealing to the masses

If you make a really artistic game that has complicated storylines and controls, chances are nobody will understand it therefore not like it. Art is simplistic and easy to digest, so people click the like button for its appeal.
Try making easy games that have pretty designs and controls. This part doesn't make any sense because everybody improves in art and code.
Just scroll down to some of my earlier art and see improvement! Just like going to MagmaPOP's Profile!

If You Want To Take It Out, Fine

Drawing has become an integral part of our community. If you want to take out art, here's what might happen:
1) the community BEFORE art was minuscule compared to now, think about how many hopscotchers will quit once the feature is gone

2) so many AMAZING drawings will be lost. It's not fair to a lot of people, who even code while drawing (Like me... Except no one seems to care about that)

The Hopscotch Team Cares Not

The hopscotch team is happy about the incoming tide of drawings! Why would they feature them, like them, even put them in rising?!?

Why Do You Care?

Is it because you think the drawings take away your spotlight? They are just a plain nuisance to the community? I don't see any less coding projects in the community, the projects have actually doubled, probably half coding half art. You stay on your side, we stay on ours if you like,

But all I want is for us to get along, Coders And Artists.

The Bottom Line is

Art in hopscotch is NOT that big of a deal. Hopscotch was founded on the basis of coding, yes, but we are in a new era of the app. So far, I think the projects are astounding and they will continue to be. Art should be cherished and not tossed around like a

Don't tell us to go to another app, some of us like the community and want to stay here. Anyone can back me up on that.

Did this change your mind?

  • Yes! I see why people would feel bad about this, but I think art has its place and should be kept as it is!
  • I need to look into this a bit more!
  • No! Hopscotch is not for art and never will be!


If it didn't change your mind, was it at least helpful?

  • yes!
  • a little!
  • No!


Drawing problem?
OOPSIES people already made this topic :( DONT CLICK THIS

Hopscotch is for creativity. That's it in its simplest.

Guys, The Hopscotch Forum is not DeviantArt!

Yeah, like I said in @Rawrbear 's topic:


No it's not. Why don't one of us just email the Hopscotch team?


Also, just wondering, who said... um that?


Did you even read this? They feature art, and they even said HOW TO DRAW ON HOPSCOTCH, sorry if I sound annoyed, but this is all the proof in one thing and it's just


Nobody said that, but it's definitely being implied...


If I invited you it's because I want your opinion in the matter


Art is also a second option if you think coding is too hard!


True.. I think people would complain less if there weren't people who

  1. Create an account
  2. REMIX someone's already well made drawing pad and claim it as their own.


4:Never use the remixed drawing pad for inspiring messages, requests, or help

  1. Get on Featured / Trending


That's... Pretty much describing anyone who draws


True, but you, and a lot of other people make their(your) own drawing pad :wink:
I don't want this to turn into a war, so let's be friendly


That is exactly my opinion. I am not against art, I am against people who literally have NEVER coded anything on hopscotch and only draw. That's the issue


I get why you're mad, it's the same way I feel about people remixing lotteries and games, but they put a EFFORT into their drawings, and that makes a complete diff


How is that anyway similar to people remixing projects? That is the EXACT PURPOSE of lottery projects.


Yeah... completely true.


Once I looked in the trending, AND IT WAS ALL DRAWINGS.


I'm against them because they're remixed for likes and nothing else, it gets on my nerves because you could literally replay the project until you get a number that has a satisfactory prize for you
EDIT: I'm saying it's similar because you say that people only remix other people's pads and draw @UptownStudios


You know the HHC and thing? I was sort of disappointed that it looked like people liked more drawings than the actual coding projects.


It's usually drawings, quizzes, very few games, or lotteries
People who drew the art didn't ask to get on trending, people felt inspired so they drew their own art with the same idea