Hopscotch is down!



Hopscotch is down @ian I emailed you and I really want to try it the new webplayer and it was just up for like 30 seconds so weird and I reopened the app no sign please help!

Hopscotch is back up

Same hear!!! I thought it was my TERRIBLE wifi, but my forum was working, and hopscotch wouldn't load!


We can confirm Hopscotch is down, because I tried LTE on my phone, it wasnt my wifi.
Yeah, too many peeps on I think. Turn on airplane mode and if you saved any of your drafts you can work on that until it comes back up.


Well, I guess it is Hour of Code week. I wonder if this'll happen for the rest of the week.


I hope they get it fixed soon cause I was like O_O when they said the webplayer came out.


Maybe :confused: Hopscotch has gotten popular through last year. That's good because more people can code, but it can get laggy sometimes. That's why I turn on ✈ mode so I don't get bothered by the lagginess. Maybe it will get laggy for the rest of the week... who knows?



Well, it's fine now. At least fine for one second.


Yeah looks like its working again.


Its not working I tried it on beta but here is what I got when I tryed to pull it up


Teh loading bear! Nooooo :frowning:


Back in the day...


Why don't we just keep server problems to one topic and post on that one topic whenever the servers are down? But yeah, I can't load Hopscotch on my iPad either which really disappoints me since I'm working on a big project...


same is happening to me, wonder if it's on their side


Yes! I just saw that too!


But it was up like ten minutes ago??? Weird


Weird I was about to post that same screen shot!


Stop about bathroom stuff I flagged both!


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