Hopscotch is down


Yeah...Who's hopscotch is refusing to load even though you're connected to the internet and can use the forum...?
(I've searched for a topic like this and there isn't any.)
People who suffer from this problem:


Well, yes. I was searching for a topic like this as well. I totally agree with you.


Yeah...I hope they fix it soon...


I need to get on my Collab Account!


A message to hopscotch admins:

Hey! We want to code, share and have fun! Please, can you fix your servers? We cannot connect to the community! We are bored of sadfaces. You can do this. :grinning:

~ omerrifat


@liza @alish Please fix it soon!


me too! Me and my friends are entering a coding competition and its on SATURDAY!!!!!!!!! I need to add some finishing touches! I can't even log in!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well, my situation is with an amazing draft on our Collab account.


Thanks guys. But why I'm bothered is...different.

I usually see my internet bff FluffyMarshmallow only on the forum and on hopscotch.


I published a project last night that I worked super hard on but hopscotch crashed while it was uploading. I really hoped it published ;-;


Oh I hope so :frowning: My drawing got rid of as well but except my iPad was 0% ..


Hopscotch is DOWN! @liza @alish , why is this happening? I have to check my following tab,featured tab,activity,upload drafts,publish drafts,log in to different accounts and much more.And my wi-fi is strong or else I wouldn't be replying to this post.


I still have all my tabs though! Look! How is this happening?


Looking into it, sorry about that!


Thank you.
We need this to be fixed.


Thank you!
I love checking my activity tab in the morning and this is rlly hard not to lol


It's fixed for me!


It's back on now!From just now,just forgot to post!


It's down again! Check it!


Down! Again!Noooooooooooo!