Hopscotch is causing device to thermally throttle


This project with dynamic trails, when played on an iPhone 8 w/ iOS 11.4.1, is causing the device to thermally throttle.

The project starts at a respectable ~55fps, but soon begins to get really hot. As the device heats up, the FPS drops significantly. Aside from Apple’s handeling of battery related issues, thermal throttling is usually only discussed in the context of AR/VR applications. Why is the Hopscotch rendering engine causing this!?

For contrast, the same project when played on an iPad Air 2 w/ iOS 10.2 starts at a meager 9-10 fps and does not seem to get any warmer.

I’m concerned that Hopscotch & certain projects may be damaging (reducing the reliability / service life) of some user’s devices.

@Liza @awesomeonion @Ana Please advise


This happens to me, along w/ various other problems,such as shutting down my ipad so i left for a while


Hmm… That’s weird. Never happened to me


@Gobli09 why did you create a fake account of me


This is the first project that I’ve seen this on, but I confirm it. On my iPad Air 2.0, it started on 22 FPS and then dropped down to 18-19 FPS, which was the value it stayed on. This iPad is used near water sometimes, so there is a really big waterproof case on it, so I can’t really tell if it got hotter or not.

But I didn’t feel any increase in the temperature throughout the minute that I played the project.


When I didn’t have a case for my iPad, I DID used to notice some projects really start to burn my hands off :hot_face: but then I got this red case and I can’t feel its temperature anymore…
It’s not just Hopscotch that does this though. Some of my other apps do the same thing.


Anyway, I use the forum on a school chromebook and this project seem to affect nothing on it. It didn’t get hotter on this thing.


I’ll take a look. The thing is, the more you can do with the programming language, the more ways you can break your iPad. I think it’s more a function of the project than the Hopscotch rendering engine in general. (which for reference is this: http://www.pixijs.com/).
I doubt that using Hopscotch will permanently damage your device, at least not any more than other apps that use a lot of power.
Anyways, it’s certainly possible that this project should be ok and is slowing down due to some quirk in the Hopscotch code which is what I’ll investigate. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.


Generally problems occur when you are right at the cusp of what the device can handle. The 400 clones on the ground is causing problems for your particular iPad. If you had 500 clones maybe it would just slow down and not heat up, and 40 clones would cause no problems at all.

Here’s a remix that’s much faster: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/zpa1pfqkq


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I think it was Ms.Rex


Hmm…I thought iPhone 8’s had some temperature problem when they first came out, didn’t they?

Anyway, I’ve got the latest iOS: 11.4.1, and I had no problems. I’ve been using the iPad for about an hour, so it may be a little warm, and it stayed at 16 FPS, except for one brief second where it tipped to 17 FPS.
Oh, and I have a blue iPad case that makes the iPad one centimeter thick, and it has one of those plastic screen covers attached.
And it’s a pretty cool project!