Hopscotch is broken!


I closed hopscotch and went to go on it the next day and… IT WON’T LET ME LOG ON!!! I didn’t even sign out though which is strange. When I press the “I already have an account” button I log in with my username and password and then when I press “done” it takes me back to the page with “Welcome to Hopscotchlearn to code make art and games etc,” and no matter how many times I try, it keeps happening. Plz help




There’s a new update to fix that. But if you can’t update at the moment, press get started instead


Thx guys that helped a lot


This is a bug. @Liza has posted a fix to the App Store (she said that yesterday, 1/3-2018), so we have to date a few days for the update to get published.


Yesterday was 3/1/18.


You’re right. I typed it in a Swedish/European date format which is Day/Month/Year.


Hi @Marlie656! I’m BestCoderInTheWorld :earth_africa: as @ArtisticCoder on the forum! I didn’t know you were here too!

Btw, yes its a bug with hopscotch that THT is trying to fix. I hope that the update comes out soon!


Wait, I’m too late for giving you advice right? le sigh :pensive:


I know