Hopscotch is behaving weirdly



So I went on hopscotch to find... That everything was portrait! Hopscotch is never portrait and whyyy it's so unfair!!!! Just saying I don't like it and is there a way to fix it? Or is it hopscotch :sob: Forever?


It's just hopscotch hopefully there will be an update where landscape is available


wait until a new update. rare chance theyll remove it.


That's how it is in the new update now! :0

I'm pretty sure they've explained why in another post.

You'll get used to it soon enough, just like the update they've added before! c:

I certainly have, especially my left hand. XD


I feel bad for THT.

People are most frustrated. They worked hard just to get hate :frowning:


I actually like the new update. The format is clean and easy to use, and it doesn't bother me that we have to code in portrait mode. :slight_smile:


Oh @MrHotdog64 I didn't mean hate it's just I find it a bit easier to post landscape. waiting for update......



No, they like suggestions :wink:

Your not relly do anything wrong...

I think enough people said it. They might change it.


Yayayaayayayayayayayayayyayayayayayayayayayayay! So happeeeee oh this is too weird. I am quite pleased.