Hopscotch is back up


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Is the activity tab messed up?

Hour of Code was too much for our poor database. We had to temporarily turn off activity streams til we have time to figure out what's going wrong. Thanks for your patience folks!

Can't See Notifications or Activity?
My activity isn't working
Activity Center Help
Is the activity tab messed up?
Why are my in app notifications gone? Closed

are you part of the hopscotch team? Just wondering! :wink:
You are Sam from the Hopscptch Team, right?


I think it's Sam from the HT isn't it? :wink:


I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be a basic user if they were on the HT.


Well you could check their profile and all of the posts are similar to this. Rodrigo isn't a Leader on the forum at he's on the HT


Well maybe but what if Rodrigo isn't? Anyway they need to update/add to the website of who's on the team and their usernames.


Yeah, that's Sam. She doesn't go on the forums much, it's mostly Liza and Alish.


@GiraffeProductions @CreativeCoder @LazyLizard


Yeah I know.


mine still doesn't work, I'll try updating my hopscotch and hope that helps