Hopscotch Is a Drama Club? Please read!



Ok, so I've been seeing a LOT of drama going on with
.Password sharing
.Other Unrelated Hopscotch Activities

And I just wanted to let you all know that Hopscotch is for unleashing your creativity and it's not about your love life or your real life. If you want to do the following, go on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Music.ly, and other social media apps.
You can even go on Wattpad!
So please,

Leave The Community Out Of It

Thank You!


Great topic OS. It's annoying when the forum is filled up with non hopscotch related stuff we don't need to know about others personal stuff


Thank you for this. It's sad that it's popping up now, but we should not do it ourselves, to set an example


This is why we have people on the forum like you pt! puts hand on pt's shoulder and nods


Omg YASS PLZ! RPs are only Ok if:
They relate it to forms of coding (games, create characters, etc)
But making projects is the point of hopscotch!


I so agree. I remember January 2015 and much of older hopscotch had no drama, the only big drama back then was a little bit of chatting.

In Jan. 2015, you would see projects like:
1. "My first project"
2. A project from a video tutorial
3. Rehop
4. asking for help
5. emoji games
6. Coded art
7. a little bit of chatting
and much more!

Now it's like

  1. Not coded drawing
  2. Rehop
  3. Roleplays
  4. Chatting
  5. some coding
  6. some games
  7. Accusing/drama/bully ing

no offense. Lets try to change it, even though it will be hard.



Yup. Except I only have Musical.ly LOL. but I'm not doing any of those things anyways and I have no plan to do it so doesn't affect me!


Bump bump bump bump bump bump
Lalalalalalalla hello why am I in teal