Hopscotch iPhone Sneak Peek



A sneak peek for the iPhone/iPod version! :D Looks different, right?

(Picture produced by Liza)

When will hopscotch on iPhone be ready?
Android Version!

Wow! That's awesome! Thanks for sharing with the forum @Follow4LikesOfficial
And @Liza it looks awesome!


For the love of Fangios, WOAH, interesting to the bone! Looks HEAPS different to the iPad version! @Liza The iPad version is a lot more colourful than this. Please fix that!


I actually like it being white, it's a bit different, honestly, I like it better! But I like the iPad colorful :slight_smile: that's my opinion


That looks so cool! I like how it's different, tbh it be kinda boring to me if it looked just like the Ipad XD


Also, the iPhone version from first glance, is shaped like TYPED CODE. Strange, isn't it? @Follow4LikesOfficial show us the stage without the code on top of it!


I can, but I need it on the iPhone. Liza sent me the link but I don't have my phone right now :T


Wait, is there a debug version for beta testers? Or only you got it?


I never got an email....


Ya! I agree, but I think it looks sooo cool! I can't wait for it to come out


That's awesome! I don't have a phone yet, but when I do, I am definently getting hopscotch!


How did you get that? I have a phone, I'm a beta tester, but I never got an email!


Woah, that looks so cool! Too bad I don't have an iPhone.. ;-;


I have it! It looks so cool, il upload screenshots later.


I can't wait until it comes out! It will be so amazing :smiley:


Oh My God! It looks cooler than the iPad interface!


I know right! So awesome! I can't wait until it comes out!


Ohh so cool is there any special features that the phone has?


Hopscotch for phone? (Runs around the room screaming)


I know right? I really need this before summer so I'm super super super excited!