Hopscotch: iPad vs. Computer



OK, so as you know, I am on my computer more often then not :expressionless: and I've been wondering. How does a computer check tilt left right? I mean you don't pick up a computer and tilt it... This is one problem when moving from the iPad to the computer. Another is how the text sometimes changes fonts a bit, but that's reasonable. :P So how does this happen? And what other problems are there moving Hopscotch to the computer?


When iPad is shaken... :sweat_smile:


Well, there are other advantages to having it on the computer. It is more convenient for people who don't have an Ipad. It would be a lot like Scratch, though.


See they have not figured that out yet!


I would like to point out that an iPad IS a computer. Anything that has a processor is a computer.


Welcome to the forum but you probably know that we mean a computer that runs differnt things and that has a keyboard!


Technically, some people have an keyboard connected to the iPad.... And anyway, I'm not new. I just made a second account.


Technically, anything that computes data is a computer. You are right, it needs a processor, but it's not the real definition.


Maybe they changed the "iPad" part to "Mouse".

Though I never tried it before...

When Mouse is shaken...


Sounds strange indeed...