Hopscotch Instagram?


Hey I was wondering something...
If I made a hopscotch Instagram acc would you guys like that?, Follow it? Idk it's just an idea so tell me your thoughts :blush:


Ohh cool idea if I get Instagram I will have a lot of coding on it!


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Instagram is bad for kids no don't even think about it some kids will see bad things please no


Well most have it already idk it's just an idea


Great idea! I don't have Instragram, but if I did, I would definitely follow this account! @seawolfwerehorse Instragram is like Facebook but with pictures.
@friendship2468 people need parent or guardian permission for Instagram, and if the parent thinks Instagram is inappropriate they won't give permission
Also, @Wookie, how do you have Instagram? Don't you have to be 13+?


It's social media where you share photos! I don't have it!


Well, you should ask parents or gaurdians about going on Instagram, I have one. There is some not so good stuff in Instagram but there's also some really cool things on Instagram but I wouldn't recommend it for young people but when your mature sure!


Yeah my sis has one and my mom and dad but i would set up a private
Account like my sis!


This is true @smishsmash But what is a safe social media that a lot of people can get or have that I can create an account on all I want to doi guess is just share code and updates


I have a private where I can post myself and stuff and I have a non private where I post mostly pics of my cat :slight_smile:


That's fine :slight_smile: I think it's an awesome idea to share code on Instagram! I'm just talking to other younger people about Instagram, what it is, and what can be seen on Instagram! But I totally agree, I think hopscotch should make an Instagram :slight_smile:


Well the hopscotch team actually has a Instagram, I follow them on my private account @smishsmash


What, I didn't know that, I'm going on my Instagram now


Bad for kids?

Up to a certain level... Yes...

In fact, recommended age below 13 to have a social media account is 12 yrs, THEN it depends on your parents too. :yum::wink::blush:

I have Instagram, but I won't share it with anyone here...