Hopscotch Instagram


This is the Hopscotch Instagram!

What Can You Do?

  1. You can post pictures with captions.
  2. You can like and comment on their pictures.
  3. You can write an about me and post it and I will put it in the "About Me" section.

CodePerfect's About Me

Hi Hops! My name is CodePerfect and I am 10 years old! I love to make games and trail art on Hopscotch!




This is similar to a topic that @EnchantedHopscotcher made.


Please SBYP..

It is very similar
To hopscotch facebook


That's the link! You might want to recycle this! @CodePerfect

Oh and sorry it's @Sweetlina post. Idk what happen. Just look at that topic


Pictures of yo face??? Don't you need a contract???


Wait what

Oh cool

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No, probably not your face.
Like having my face right now.

Sorry Shive.


@DinoProductions @Sweetlina @Refugeecat123 I searched up "Hopscotch Instagram" and there was nothing like this. And Facebook and Instagram are completely different.


But still, it has the same use.


I know… okay I will delete this​:confused::cry: