Hopscotch in scratch?



read the first word it relates c:

I was reminded by griffpatch's scratch emulator (on scratch) that I decided to make hopscotch in scratch a while back, combined with my extreme lack of iDevices (;-;) I REALLY want to do this. but the problem is this: I can't use hopscotch as a reference XD.

This, and maybe some coding should you chose to be so bold as to ask, is why you are here. I need to know exactly what each of the screens look like, for now all I'm going to be making is the player/editor, and maybe a way to import and export a project. And yes, I will find a way to add in tilt controls.

post photos of the editor pls c:

I need:
editor screen (the one w/ the grid)
events screen
blocks screen
all blocks in each type:
-idk all block types



(maybe I'll even add an "experimental" tab in the project after all of the blocks and events are put in, shhhh :wink:)


https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/114396815/#player (no pen in phosphorus ;-;)


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what did the hopscotch team make first? XD

yes I'm going with the iPad version


This seems a really cool idea!


screenshots? anyone?

please? ;-;


likes are not screenshots XD

pls though, I really wanna get started on this and don't want to make the editor screen with a triangle pattern instead of a grid XD


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YASSSS!!! thank you this is just what I needed!

ty ty ty ty ty

gices xtra like


http://phosphorus.github.io/#114396815 for updates as they happen

(nothing is there yet XD)

no pen in phosphorus!?! ;-;



@Intellection74 I need player screen photos


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just that :wink:

new thing: meta data!

this can't be edited in the emulated hopscotch, you have to go into the scratch editor and do it manually, so far there isn't much, but come back to it in a few and you'll be happy about what you see after messing around a bit

NOTE: if editing the characters, keep the "!" at the beginning, it notifies the project that it's a drawing script :wink:


And @Intellection74 is the reason I didn't… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


key for meta so far:

! drawing script

!M move forward ()
!R rotate ()
!S size ()
!C color ()

note: no programming is actually in the editor, and meta data never will be

in meta data so far:
- sprite animation, yep, if you really want to you can name and create your own characters

(not fully Incorporated)


scratches head
Wot is this?


symbols in the meta data, what they mean

(also I changed that up a tiny bit)


Ohh right!



so !S50!M1 (code for circle) would be:

set pen width to 50
move forward 1

^do that script in HS and see what happens :P


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