Hopscotch In-App Community Survey

Hey Hopscotchers,

We’d like to learn more about how you engage with our in-app community, and your feedback is important!

Fill out this short survey to share your opinion of the Hopscotch in-app community features:

If you have any particular questions or feedback, you can also reply here or send us an email at hello@gethopscotch.com

Happy Hopscotching! :sunny:


((@omtl @fearlessfriends))


For number 5, What do I do if I don’t know any gaming website, nor anywhere else I’d like to be able to publish my projects?


This is a good point - could you put that down? I think it’s important for us to note that.


Ok, I have completed the survey. It was a little difficult to answer some of the questions on the survey. [check edit history for more detail]


That one is optional, so you can just skip it!


Nice form. Filled it out. @IcingPuppies check this out


I filled out the survey—I hope it was found useful.


it doesn’t lets me answer the question like when I answer one question and go to the another one and answer it the first one erase and I have to do it again and it keeps happening


Thank you for taking the time to go through the survey, and for sharing (I can relate on that aspect :slight_smile: And no two people are alike, but different things can be tough sometimes — and of course there are also many strengths.)

We are posting these surveys ultimately to help us develop the product for Hopscotchers, so it’s important to us that people are able to fill in these surveys comfortably. Are there certain specific changes that you feel would have helped for answering this survey, or would help for future surveys, that you would like to share? Or are there any specific areas that make it a little difficult to answer, that you would like to share?

E.g. A difficulty might be when a question’s wording means that it seems to ask for an answer from specific existing options, but your answer doesn’t quite fit into that, or the question doesn’t really apply to you. Or another might be if there are a lot of options in a particular question, and it might be overwhelming to choose from.

Then we’ll be able to keep this in mind for future surveys, to try and mitigate these.

You can answer these or not as you like. If you did want to answer, I am also open to hearing your thoughts via PM if you prefer that for this case, or you can also choose to send an email to hello@gethopscotch.com. (Just let me know if you would like to discuss via PM, then I can start one.)

Oh, that seems really frustrating.
I filled in some questions to test, and it seemed ok, but I am on computer currently. So I wanted to check which questions appear to keep resetting, and what device you’re using as well. Are you on a mobile device?


Truthfully, the only question that was difficult for me was to comment on why I chose the ranking from the previous question. I tried to answer it to the best of my ability. I’m not too worried, as there are a lot of questions (not related to the survey) I sometimes have trouble with, but I still try and answer them as best I can.

I knew how to answer the question, it was just a matter of answering it responsibly (which now that I’m saying it out loud, the way I just worded it doesn’t make a lot of sense), and with great detail.


im on my home chrome book and all the question resets




Just finished my 2 paragraph rant about me needing in person courses


Hm ok, I’m not really sure where the issue might be (whether it’s the network e.g. a firewall, or the website is resetting your input)

I guess other options are to

  • try on another device/network, if that is possible (to see if the issue is still happening or if it is limited to the first device/network)
  • or send us your responses manually via email (I know it is probably not ideal, so only if you are up for that)

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I tried on different device but it didn’t worked and I don’t think it’s network problem since my other apps are working great but it can be an device problem.


I just really wanna see bios be added in Hopscotch


Now I’m done with the survey!
some questions were a bit hard to answer but I tried my best