Hopscotch Ideas



Let's brainstorm ideas and ask questions


About what? Just wondering!!!!!


well i guess about just anything so i im gonna throw some stuff out and see what happens :llap:

-higher and lower octave notes in treble and in bass
-new characters ^u^
-a hsb color wheel so you dont have to do all that hard stuff
-range points (ex: if ____ equals from ______ to ________ then...)
-maybe in-game credit for getting those new characters :smirk:

so what do you think


Definitely the in-game credit for getting the characters and the new characters thing! Maybe even being able to make your own!


@SASSYSINGER @Destructor_the_waffl let's think about projects we can make in hopscotch even together oh and please like some of my projects


MAYbe like an add on extra HSB color wheel when your picking your color.


@Niftynia75 great idea post that on my other conversation


yeah I didn't read it that well and thought it was ideas for hopscotch, and yeah sure i will


What your username on Hopscptch?


I have a crazy amount of ideas

A page to say how many folowers you have
New charecters
More colours
Changing profile pic
Mr mustache as a profile pic


Ok! Here are a few:

-A 'Delete this clone' block.
-adding '.' Into the calculator (Example: Change value by 0.5).
-description feature.
-custom character design.
-A 'point towards' block.


Ok id party if they added this

A toggle 3D button

So you can turn it on and have 3D charecters and a few different blocks like change Z by

Also an add gravity button but with that thered need to be a toggle fixed, toggle solid and change gravity


@Liza please see this. Id love to see some of these in hoppscotch


hehe, well that's as good as of a reason as any!

So, you want to make it easier to add gravity? Cause, for real, it's a pain to have to recreate it in every game.

What if you could copy and paste a gravity ability from one game to another?


Copy and paste would incredible! There so many projects that I have made that I thought "I wish you could copy and paste code"!


I would like copy and paste, but only from your own projects, OR if you copy from other people, hopscotch will automatically give credit to the person you copied from.


A͙w͙e͙s͙o͙m͙e͙ idea I think that is super cool but what if we could take that farther? Like this how about you can copy and paste but also have a button you can press to make the ability community so when you are in the code tap a button to go to a community of abilities


I realy like that idea @Work_kids_coding


I've been wanting copy and paste for so long now. :yum: