Hopscotch Idea Generator!



Hey guys, today I was browsing the forums and I saw that a lot of you guys want ideas. Now yeah, you can get inspired by the outside world, or books, or something like that, but we are programmers. We dont do things, we make programs to do those things!
So, I made an idea generator in hopscotch.
Click this link to see it, or if the link doesn't work, just search up "BuildASnowman" on Hopscotch and click the project from my profile:

Thanks :smiley:


I remixed this project because there was a bug. I also added a background an d a couple of lightbulbs. Here it is


Hi @GoGoGames1, here's a post on links from Hopscotch projects so you'll be able to share the link of your project now :smiley: Awesome that you're remixing it!


Thanks t1 that helped alot