Hopscotch idea-dark theme!



i have an idea for hopscotch, it’s a pretty simple one. it is basically just a dark theme, where browsing projects appears dark, instead of white.
@OMTL what do you think of this?


Ehhhh I don’t really think so and FIRST


oml i love dark themes yes


i mean, it’s an option you can turn on/off whenever you want.


There is already a way to do this, sort of, just invert the colors in settings


i guess so, but i don’t want to tripleclick the home button each time i enter/leave a project.


Or you could just turn it on in settings so you don’t have to triple click


but then i’d have to exit the app and enter settings each time i go into a project! anyways, it would still be nice to have dark theme.


It would be a really cool thing to have in Hopscotch! I like the idea!


Here’s what the dark theme looks like if anybody was wondering. It’s really sweet.

(I photoshopped out a lot of stuff from the screenshot…)


A dark theme would be great. More apps totally need to have this. An relatively easy solution would be for Hopscotch to add support for the new Smart Invert feature in iOS 11, which inverts the colours of everything except media (images, videos). In the code for the app, you just need to set the accessibilityIgnoresInvertColours property for all of the objects that shouldn’t get inverted.


I think that’s a good idea! There could be like a button though to choose what color you want


pretty nice idea, to have custom themes! maybe even have custom image BGs for premium users?


But then it would be similar to the ready app