Hopscotch I am getting angry


It's getting way to hard to send a link to the forum or to send a link to someone cause MULTIPLICATION but it's not u it's my really bad multiplication skills. But I don't know why you have to make links hard to send


i have horrible math skills too. i just tap random stuff.


I keep clicking cancel till I get like 9x1 or an easy one


THT probably just wants to keep use safe, so they don't want us to communicate outside HS/forum. It's true that it's annoying, but they also don't want evil robots like @system to get ahold of a link and email it to everyone. XD Maybe download a calculator app on your phone/iPad? :)


Oh ya I'll use calculator


Yas the calculator has the answers to your math needs. (Most of them)


That's what I do if I get it wrong first try.


You can use a calculator. :D
Soon you will remember all the math times tables up to twelve.
I just have them memorized :stuck_out_tongue:


I am kind of good. Just don't ask me anything X 7 if you are in a hurry


What is 3x7-(4/12)+89-6


Ummmmmmm.... Potato?


Nope it's 102 you can google it



I can do this

Just I forget all the fraction converting stuff I did in school D:


Four divided by 12 is impossible


It's okay!

What grade are you in?


It sort of is, unless you use decimals, the problem is I'm too tired to do decimals... XD


Well, in third, fourth, and fifth grade I had to memorize (I had to memorize it three times! and I still haven't gone to sixth grade XD )my times tables, what grade are you in?


I ment 12/4 which is 3


Oh, that makes more sense. XD


I know the answer! It is

I totally figured that out... XD