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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the Hopscotch Hotel, a comfortable and relaxing place for you to enjoy! This hotel contains very luxurious things for one and all! All you have to do is enter your name in the list below to book a room. Please do not edit anything strange into this post as I can see edits and I will report you (No Offense). If you keep replying to this topic, you will upgrade to different types of rooms. You start off with the Starter Room, which contains a double bed, a mini kitchenette, a bathroom, a TV and a couch. Then you can upgrade to different types of rooms, which I will have a description of below. I will also post activities that you can participate in if you wish. I will ad the list to each of these activities so you don’t miss out. Have fun!



Types Of Rooms
  • Cosy Room: 5 replies. Contains double bed, a larger kitchenette, a bathroom, a sitting room, a desk and a bookshelf.
  • Suite: 10 replies. Contains king size bed, another bedroom with single bed, a full kitchen, a large bathroom, a sitting room, a study and dining area.
  • Master Room: 15 replies. Contains queen size bed, another bedroom with a double bed, a large kitchen, an extra large bathroom, a large sitting room, a medium sized study and a dining area.

This is a section that I like to call the Chill Out Zone. It has all the possible things you could need when you’re staying at the hotel. Feel free to add any songs or videos you wish, but as you already know, I can see all edits and you will be reported (Once again, no offence). I hope you have a good time.

Phone Numbers

01: Room Service
02: Food
03: Spa Day
04: Fun Game
05: Random Website
06: Code Help


Rockabye: Clean Bandit
Call on me: STARLEY

A Sky Full of Stars: Coldplay
Jenny: Studio Killers

Kings and Queens - Maduk

YouTube Videos


Castle Make-over!: LDShadowLady

Tomodachi Life 3DS PART 1 - SwimmingBird941

Pokémon Sun and Moon - Episode 72 - MunchingOrange

Funny RIPOFFS of Cartoons! - Vailskibum94

Gumball EXPOSES China Rip-Off “Miracle Star” - The Roundtable

10 Everyday Things You’re Doing Wrong! - MatthewSantoro

Nintendo 3DS - Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Furst - DidYouKnowGaming?

Contact Info

Tag me, (@Allyb) anytime if you’re in need of anything important.

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