Hopscotch/Hopscotch Forum Updates Topic

Ok well please delete it


i like it

let’s keep it xD


I really don’t like it either

Whst’s new? I don’t understand…

See @HopscotchRemixer, look

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Hmm, ok, so for you it didn’t look any different
It looks weird on Apple devices

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Huh. I’m on a chromebook so maybe that’s why?

Yeah, I guess so :thinking: Interesting


Maybe because it is a computer

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Lucky. My forum is stuffed.

Edit: I fixed it


@HopscotchRemixer maybe, maybe not.
@BlastFusion, how?

there’s still game changers for me, but "trending"is gone.

There were some really long tags that were Unicode, and I removed them. I guess it worked


Yeah THT is saying that they are working on it ,making it better, but I think they won’t add it back in because it didn’t really help anything

They’ve got bugs in the player they are currently focusing on

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Yeah that is quite important too

yeah, IMO it would be nice to have multiple factors that affect if a project is trending or not. so, maybe plays and play time, or something…

I think remixes shouldn’t be allowed, this means no remixed projects, and no art that comes from somebody else’s pad. That means people will have to code their art pads

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i’ve seen some pretty cool remixes though, so maybe a few changes to a project, and then it could get on trending? but then people could then just add a few objects with set invisibility, so there may not actually be a point in that.

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waoh that’s weird :000