Hopscotch/Hopscotch Forum Updates Topic


I will post the newest Hopscotch Updates here…


Game Changers got moved! So people who got Game Changers are going to get more plays and views now.
Also rising got pushed back…why is HHC17 still on here?

😎😎😎 official Hopscotch update ideas topic 😎😎😎
😎😎😎 official Hopscotch update ideas topic 😎😎😎



Are there any edits to the editor? Sometimes, I see people post screenshots of them making projects and it looks different then it did two weeks ago.


They probably have an older version of the editor because they like it more…also iPad pros have a bigger workspace


WHat is, Iden?


This idea.


@HopscotchRemixer they are going to change the name to #bestof2017 soon.


Ok now the base color black is now actually HSB 0,0,0! Not like 0,0,10!


New forum update! Now if shows if people are replying just above the reply button while you are reading posts.



It has actually been here before. You can see who is replying at the top right of the post editor (at least you could do that recently), but now you can also see that at the bottom of the topic! Cool!


Yeah I knew you could see it in the post editor but now you can see them replying without the post editor being open


I noticed one more new forum feature - this grey line above your profile card ↓


Wow…ok…I am surprised you found that


Why, lol?


I don’t I just feel like it has always been there


No. Seriously, it’s a new thing.


Ok I am going to start looking around fro new things.


The topic titles are smaller now so they can display more text


Wow…this is new

@TheCoders what is your opinion on this?
I honestly don’t really like it…at all


That was my fault. One of my tags is wicked long:


I’ll change it (It was a test)