Hopscotch/Hopscotch Forum Contest: Big Coding Championship!


The first date is actually June 6th, 2020.

Also, I read the submission dates for the SC wrong, so I would also like for you to extend the application periods to July 27th, which is two days after submissions for the SC end.

If you could do this, it would be my pleasure and also oblige me.


this okay now?


Yep, it’s okay!



Keep it up, guys!

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This is kind of an emergency right now.

About a month or so ago, the participant application poll had 28 users that voted in it. Now, unfortunately, half of them are out of the poll. I just tested it out for myself, and it turns out that on a single-choice poll, you cannot vote yourself out.

What do you think happened and why?

P.S. Since half of the former participation applicants are gone, I am gonna need some urgent applicants to enter before the SC ends.


hmm- seems your describing a problem with the forum itself- which unfortunately we can’t help with:/

If you’re looking for more competitors- perhaps you could tell people about your comp in the YCTAYHCH- more people may like to join?

anyways I’m sure you can have a fun successful comp with any number of hops!


the OP was edited I think


I will take your advice.

Also, I think it happened because we edited the OP, so half the users forgot to vote again.


they didn’t forget, I think they weren’t tagged again so they didn’t see it


Do you remember anyone who did not vote again?

By the way, I learned my lesson and will never put application polls in the same post as the deadline ever again.



Due to the loss of half the applicants wanting to participate, we will be setting up another application poll down here.

We will not be accepting any more judges; only participants. If you are interested in participating, then vote below!

This time, there are no time constraints for when you need to vote; we will just close when enough people have applied.

  • I want to enter the contest
  • I have already voted to enter in the main poll
  • Accidentally voted

0 voters

(Applicants voting here will not get to choose their team; that will be decided once the application periods end again.)

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If you already applied for the competition, you can vote on the option which says that you already applied instead of voting on accident.

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OMG I totally forgot about this sorry


I know, but if this competition is starting within the next two weeks then I don’t think I’ll be able to code something for it since I’m going on vacation. Sorry CV.


same, sorry


Doubtful. We need enough users to sign up (and right now we have almost half the sufficient amount), and apparently everyone who is seeing this does not meet the criteria to sign up. It may take longer than that.

Also, why is nobody respecting this option?

- I have already voted to enter in the main poll

It’s for users who already applied in the poll that’s in the OP.

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Oh ok. Then I might be able to participate if school doesn’t get in the way.


I don’t think you really need the big letters lol


I used them to make it stand out.

A small tag list for users I think may want to see this


I don’t remember if any of you guys signed up to participate this competition in the poll that is in the OP before your votes disappeared. Half of them are gone, and I think that it’s because they were all removed after the leaders edited the OP to change the deadline. Half the users who voted were not tagged again and most likely never saw it.

Anyways, if you still want to participate, then you just have to vote in this poll.

IMPORTANT: I did tag the OMTL and the POMTL in the OP, but if I tagged them again, then it would probably be späm, so I am not going to do it again for this competition.

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