Hopscotch Honorment



Some of you maybe wondering what this topic is. Well, this topic is where I can show my feelings about hopscotch, you can too.

Abut a year(ish) ago, I discovered my classmates' real thoughts about me. I found out they were Bullyin g/Gossiping about me behind my back. The next part, well, it includes something I have wanted to share with you. I was born with an ear that doesn't work. Now, this may cause me to talk louder accidentally. My "friends" use this to their advantage. They say I'm yelling, when in my eyes, I'm NOT! Then I get in trouble. This caused me to cry more often looking at all the times people didn't appreciate me. I needed something to touch my heart. I tried an Internet app, but I was banned due to my age.:cold_sweat: once again, hard time. I started in YouTube, but it didn't seem to touch my heart, only make me laugh. One day, I thought "I would like to make games!" So on the App Store, I looked up, Making Games or something like that. Hopscotch came up. That moment, was the first time something had reached that part of my heart. Hopscotch, you are a miracle worker. Thank you, @asha, @alish, @Liza, @Ian, you have officially been put on my Hearted list. Not many people are on that list. :heart:


I have something like that. Last school year someone in my gifted class. I never like using this word but for the sake of this topic I will use it. B utthole. It didn't help that in 3 grade fall I lost my great grandmother. From this I have had a fear of losing the people I love. Well this is not a happy topic but I have always thought that deat h as the only option I have. Now because of Hopstoch I know have something that keeps me going.


I can't like or like 5 times, so :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


People don't appreciate me.
I have a special brain. It thinks in ways others don't. Because of this, I am really smart. Good, right? Maybe for some people. Unfortunately I have earned the dislike of all the boys in my class (the girls like me a lot :sweat_smile:)


Yeah, I've been a constant victim of bull ying.


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Whenever I hopscotch, I become really happy. I normally don't have trouble with people at school, although I prefer to stay away from a couple of people who can turn from an angel to a devil and back. Some talent, right? Sometimes I need them, so I can't stay away from them. Some people try to break me by yelling nasty things at me, but I brush it off like dust. Nothing other than a physical injury can lead me to tears.

@Hoppertoscotch, we are almost opposites. My ears work too well, and if someone's talking about me in the same room, I can hear them easily, either that, or they're really bad at whispering. Listen, your friends are just jealous of you, whether you're smarter than you, or you can sing better, or you're winning at something, and they want to blow out your light so they can shine brighter. Don't let them torture you, because that's their goal. Don't let them reach it. If you can be stronger than them, they'll fall onto their knees and beg for your forgiveness. Always, forgive. Anyways, if you're mad, ponder on this: Do penguins have knees?


The Listening Penguin


@MobCraft, do you talk about me behind my back? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Just kidding!


@Kiwicute2015 I'm too sensitive. Someone in my class used to call me a crybaby. Other people probably call me a devil because of my temper. (Not too brag, but I'm more of the smarter people in my class. That might be it, but I'm also a weirdo. :neutral_face:)


Same thing here! How is it possible that we are the same?


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People in my classes have started bullyin g me because they think I'm dating my girlfrien d through Minecraft. I am now SO MAD at the person who started it, as he is a total jer k to everyone! Just because you're a cool kid does not mean you could start EMBARRASSING PEOPLE LIKE THAT!! :rage::rage::rage:


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@SnowGirl_Studios This is not about bullyin g and hacking......


Whatever! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I am bullied because I have really really swollen gums. I have gingivitis but my dentist said I will most likely have it for the rest of my life!!! People make fun of me. I'm sure you guys have heard of the "WHAT ARE THOSE" vines, and instead of pointing at my shoes they point at my mouth. It also makes it really hard to speak in public. Over the summer I lost my confidence because it only got worse, and this year I'm having a lot of trouble speaking in front of groups. Now I always stutter, and people make fun of me for that.


Me to, I can cry myself to sleep because of ■■■■■■■■


School is tough not hard Inam really smart and all but I get teased once during music a boy in my class grabbed my iPad and scrolled through my pics and then started laughing at me the kicked my iPad and laughed. I hurt inside and don't think I belong in my school, I want to leave I am miserable. I am too sensitive and I lash out in anger and start yelling and screaming and crying and then I am called a baby and that I am too sensitive which I am but I know and I don't try to hard to be mean but I so it because they are mean and I can't help it.Hopscotch has helped me make more friends and I look forward to school so @alish @Ian @liza @admins I thank you with all my heart for making my life more exciting!


I ponder a really hard math problem that my teacher assigns and it calms me down a little.