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SO school started a few weeks ago and this is about the time where we start getting more homework and time taken off our day. Some of us may need help with our homework. So in this topic we will get help with our homework and help others with their homework! This may not be related, but it encourages conversation, learning new things, helping others, and making new friends. Let's get started!


I'm literally doing homework while doing this with you guys


This doesn't seem to be related. All topics must be related!


Liza said that not all topics have to be related because they usually encourage conversation and are appropriate. Besides, who could get mad at kids helping others with homework? We could make new friends in this topic


Where did Liza say that not all topics have to be related?


I dunno BAS just told us
But look at the drawing topic and all those other topics about photography and math. They're not exactly related but Liza let's them he because they encourage conversation and everyone's nice in the,.


Everything has to relate to Hopscotch. Sorry, but that's the rule.


Great I had a great idea and now it's going to waste and I amsad
@buildasnowman can you please tell them that not all topics have to be related


I'm sorry but I just don't think that this is Hopscotch related. And BAS left anyways, so he probably won't see this.


@bluedogmc-official @Kitkat26

PROOF now don't bother this topic unless you need help or will give help


Does this help people or just give you the answers to your homework?? Just interested. :wink::wink:


We will try to help people understand how to do their homework and give them steps. If they really don't understand, we will give them a hint to the answer and they will figure the rest out.


Alright. I will be leaving now bc I have no homework and I don't need help..


Okay thx for visiting, come any time you need to


This is an awesome topic! Great idea!


I have to do 2 achieve articles by Thursday which means I only have a few hours, I have to go up three percent in st math which takes like an hour, I have to do 40 minutes of Pokémon go math, and I have probably have to do even more stuff. Ugh.


I can help you.


Guess what I'm so happy, something good finally happened!
I was searching Harry Potter on achieve 3000 and there are a bunch of articles to do! I chose one and now I can do one article easily. Gen I'll search up something else I want to read about and it'll be fast and easy. What do you think you can help me with today? I'd love some help


Maths. That's my strong point. Do you have maths homework?


I know how to do my math homework and I'll probably do some later tonight. If I need help I'll ask you. What's your time zone and when be on?