Hopscotch Holiday Contest



Do you really get a Hopscotch iPad if you win? Also, love the skit in the new video. :wink: @Liza


YES!! We are giving away a real iPad to the winner :slightly_smiling:

The more people you send your project to, the better your chances of winning! Use the new button to get the link:

And, thanks!! I might have to move to Hollywood to become an actress :stuck_out_tongue: Also @alish was the director!

Will there be a Hopscotch Christmas project contest?

Oooooooohhhhhh. I will make many holiday stuff. Wait, how do you count the links? @liza


So, the best thing to do is send the same card to many people (rather than making many, many cards). We have a formula for measuring the links.


Cool :wink:. Just wondering, don't care to know every little bit.


What is the competition about? I thought HHC15 was over already? I can't watch the video right now because of my school iPad.


This is a Hopscotch holiday contest @DragonLover975. Go to create and watch the video about the Hopscotch Holiday contest to see it! (P.S. I just watched it!)


Ah yesβ€”this is the holiday contest!

Make a holiday card in Hopscotch for your friends, send them the link, and you'll be entered in contest to win an iPad!


Oh, thanks @Giraffedolphin26 and @Liza. I will watch the video later because I am at school. Also thanks for changing the title of the topic because the HHC15 confused me.


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@Liza How will the winner get the iPad delivered? Also, what's the difference between a Hopscotch iPad and a normal iPad? And what iPad model is it?


@Liza 2 questions:
1. I want to enter the contest, but if I win I want the iPad to be donated to something.
2. Can I send the link through a texting app on my iPad?


Can you guys check out my game, here's the link:


Here's mine that I made! https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xodux98th


Actually here it is


Do the people you send the project to HAVE to play the project? Or do you just send it and it counts? How does the formula work?


How many have I sent to? Tell me somewhere please. I want to see if I did it right.
https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xoetmnsas Here is my card!


How will you send the iPad?


Does the project have to have a certain title, like the Halloween contest did?


Hi @Liza! Can we call the project anything or do we need to say Christmas Crad Comp. or something along those lines?