Hopscotch Holiday Card Not Loading


Hi guys! I already sent my Holiday card to my friends but they said it won't load, so I tried opening it myself and this is what happened:

Please help. Thanks!
-Whalephin :smile:


Maybe if you open it in the app using the open in app link?


Thanks for the idea @Redo122 :grinning: But how about my friends who don't have Hopscotch?


Ah yes Maby you could try emailing the link again?


I asked them if they could open it again but they didn't reply to my text message...so... I don't know if it worked or not :confused:


No i mean getting the link again and resending it.:wink:


Okay! I'll try later. Thanks!:grinning: And Merry Christmas @Redo122 and everyone!


Your welcome @Whalephin145:wink:


I can email Hopscotch for you if you want. I'm a beta tester, and that's probably really annoying :frowning:


No, it's okay RobotPro. I'll try myself. But thanks for offering! :grinning:


Ok! :grinning::smiley::grinning::smiley::grinning::grinning::smiley::smiley::grinning::grinning: Thats good @Whalephin145


Same thing here! They tried on computer and iPad and it wouldn't load!