Hopscotch Hobbies? (Click, I dunno how to word the title xD)



I think I have to start with hello... Er...

Now that that's done...
Do you know how some people draw on Hopscotch, some people code, some people make music, some people do stuff...
Well, I kinda want to know if you take the hobby you do on Hopscotch to a new level in reality! Such as, for me, I enter nationwide drawing comps, I have many fancy drawing supplies, a desk dedicated entirely to my drawings, stacks and stacks of computer and drawing paper, Spotify and Soundcloud playlists for when I draw, drawing stylus, drawing programs...


So, let's say you code. Do you use Scratch? Do you know HTML, Algol, Java, Common...?
Do you make music? So, do you also have a Spotify, Soundcloud, Beats by Dre headset, music programs...?
I just kinda want to know! Do you take your Hopscotch hobbies to the next level?


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Idk what I am I do I lil bit of everything I draw I'm make backgrounds i make games every once in awhile.....hint hint

New game soon

Yay I can like again but.....



Mine is probably music and coding. I recently just got into making music on Hopscotch! I do make my own music on Hopscotch and out. I use SoundTrap(rarely) and GarageBand. I code A LOT of the time. Mostly on Hopscotch though. I know html and some css and something that Hopscotch uses to make the app! (I am just learning how to do it!)


I just love coding in general. I know Java and have done stuff with it, but since I don't really do coding often I guess I'm not taking it to the next level. I have too much stuff for school.


I mainly piss off my teachers by doodling all over the paper. As in, all over it.
I compose music sometimes, on MuseScore.

I have attached an image of some math notes I did a while back (fifth grade memories!)


Music and coding for me. I play violin and piano, and I have bought well over $100AUD on coding this, such as programs, servers, keyboards ect, ect. I take both these really seriously, and Hopscotch for me, just adds a bit of enjoyment to them for me. Out of interest, anyone else fluent with web-based languages. Eg. HTML, JS, CSS, XML, PHP...
PS. I find it funny that they're all acronyms.


I play soccer and skateboarding and I'm level 5 in the Royal Conservatory of Music and I participate in math contests regurarly These are my hobbies I guess they don't relate to hopscotch


And I'm a die hard minecrafter