Hopscotch Helpers Topic


♤ Hello, @OMTL , and welcome to the somewhat official Hopscotch Helpers team topic run by Adelaide!

Please refer to our GT to know who is typing

Our Goal

We our going to restore the forum to its former glory! We will work together to unclog the forum by making sure general topics relate back to Hopscotch, giving polite reminders if people start to drift of topic, preventing fights, and promoting proper forum behavior.

Our Rules

  • Always be kind
  • Be a model hopscotcher
  • Stay on topic
  • Don't start fights
  • Keep the forum AWESOME!

Want to Join?

No boring forms to fill out here! Just reply if you want to help and I will add you to the list.

Our Members

Potter_Head (Sage)


Sure I can help


I'll join.


I want to join! This sounds like an awesome idea!


That is a great idea! I want to join, but I am not on the forum very much, but I will try. :grinning:


It's okay! I'm actually about to start working on this right now, so if anyone wants to help, be my guest!

Please refer to our GT about how you know who's typing.

We are still and will always be accepting members! I see you liking those posts! Don't be shy, and make the forum a better place!


Kay sure
But..... Some offtopicness is ok


Of course! Anything in moderation. Also a notice to everyone: Do not flag without a giving them a warning! (This just applies to off topic posts)


I'd love to help the forum! Can I join please?


hopscotch helpers?
weren't those leaders before tht took them away?
I haven't been on the forum in 3 months and they still haven't restored leaders

tht give what the people want we should have every forum user vote whether we should get them back or not
its obvious which side will win


Yes! That is why I started this!


I would like to join! I love your mission and ideas, and would like to help out.


Many of us want leaders back, but it's not that easy. We have t1 as a moderator now and already there are less flame wars.


t1 is a moderator? how much did I miss...


She works for hopscotch as an intern :)