Hopscotch Helpers Club!


I would love to be Co leader @GameCodingCrazy123 as I feel I’m a supporting and caring person. MY favourite thing to do is help people on the FORUM, I show this so much as I have my own TOPIC about helping others! WE could both put are heads together and we could all collaborate. I’m active every day for a minimum of half an hour. If you don’t want to work together thats fine though. I can’t give up my topic to be a Co Leader of another though so we would have to work together as a team. Maybe this topic could be for all the helper for the newens and my topic would be for the questions? WE could ask someone to make a tag for us. Thanks and I hope to be working with you in the future.


Wow, after that comment, there was no more…


Because all my bro wants to do is sit around all day playing Creative Destruction and he never even goes on Hopscotch or the forum anymore.


A ok


Ok from now on @UnicornRainbow can be co leader with me and I’ll try to be more active on both hopscotch and the forum!


Yeah idk if that’ll happen but I will beat you to next feature out of both of us


Oh it’s on…it is on


and I am sooooo gonna win


I think I disagree. Sorry @tankt2016 but I think @GameCodingCrazy123 will win. The game is on!


Lol I already won this one, but I think my bro will beat me to the next next feature between us… :smiling_imp:


Wait that’s a thing

What do i get if i beat you both.


Nothing because it’s just for fun.



Plus you beat me in like everything except spelling so thanks a lot for rubbing it in.

Do you want a taste of your own cocky medicine next time I beat you in something? It’s a topical medicine — you must rub it in.
(Sorry not sorry.)

Year Of Cod 🐟 —tankt2016’s second GT Kittenz for life/ Tankt rocks/ Tankt papers/ Tankt scissors!. Tankt is the best -JACG, CoM and Apricity /Tankt is many cools-Fuwa/Tankts pretty cool-Tv/Tankt is like the nicest person here-FP/GO TANKT-UnicornRainbow -H

Hey @GameCodingCrazy123, I don’t think anybody looks to this topic when they need help…


Yeah me either lol…


This looks awesome but nobody uses it like NewComer Lounge and Safe Place. We could make it popular now though.


Yeah…we could try


why was I tagged


Dunno…maybe unicorn tagged people then deleted the post?


I hate when people do that.