Hopscotch Helpers Club!


Hi! So first I wanna say it’s been a while since I’ve been on here…but that’s not what I want to talk about.

I’m making a club that helps new Hopscotchers get the basic 101’s of Hopscotch! Example how to make loading screens, smooth backgrounds, etc.

Ask if you want to join! Just be patient with the new hops, be positive and be nice! :slight_smile:

(Sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged)



Go to the most recent post on my gt


Guessed it you were typing up a club/contest/whatever


@tankt2016 is this actually the same person?




Nope it’s my brother

  1. photo of keyboard
  2. I never use emojis anymore


I recategorized to collabs, requests, and competitions.




Ok thanks peppywafer


Ooh nice!

Could I join?
(Fearless would join too, but they left)


I think there are a lot of these, I want to join this one as well.


This seems like a nice idea!


You guys are all in!


Cool idea! I might join.


Can I join? This is an a m a z i n g idea. Good luck with it and I will help as much as I can!


Me too! I wanna join! I know how to do this stuff!


You guys are all in! Though I need a co leader bc honestly I’m not that active lol


Yeah you gotta be more active bro


Who do you think that can be the co-leader?


I think I’m also not too active because I just connect a time or 2 per day but when I do it, I stay for like an hour