Hopscotch Helper Club


Hi I am creating a Helper Club that is to help hopstochers with coding questions. There are 2 contacter spots open and a Designer spot open. Here is the list of people on the team.

Contacters. Designers. Testers
None. Me and @Rawrbear Laurwen and @Hoppertoscotch

That is all for now. Reply done below if you want to join. I have a project with a description of each job. My username is BlackDawn012


How did you find my forum name? (Just curios)


Welcome to the Fourm 10/19


I might not have a ton of time because of school, but can I be a designer? :smiley:


Yes I know the thing on my account only says 2 but I am breaking that rule. Also you can have a job from all of the sections if you want to.


I will be making an account for this.


At the moment I can't respond to


Hi guys I have created the Account. The username is HHC and pass is the Icon no capitals.


Could I be a contacter/designer @BlackDawn?


The Icon? (Has to be longer than 20 characters)


Cody and yes you can.


Was Cody the answer to my question?

  • Yes

  • No



Ok, what will we be doing? 🤔


Can I join? I don't mind what I do. :slightly_smiling: my username is Isaacwotwot. (NO :smiley:!!!!!)


Ok you can join. Can you be a Contacter


If a Hopstocher has a codin problem and they need it fixed right then.


Oh, if they are not on the forum, right? 🤔


Yes. Why can't spac s count


Spaces for what? (20 characters)


Yes that limit thing