Hopscotch Help Team (HHT)


Hi guys!
As you know from previous posts, I was thinking of launching a club! I asked you guys for names, but that post didn’t get as much hype as normal. So, I came up with my own name for it- Hopscotch Help Team, or HHT! This is not like the Hopscotch Team! You can ask them for glitches with the app. We are here to help you debug codes, come up with ideas, and so much more. Are there no tutorials on a skill! We can help! The Hopscotch Help Team is a team of dedicated, hard-working coders. You don’t all have to be amazing at coding. As long as you do it often, love to do it, and regularly challenge yourself in the coding field, you can come be a part of the team.

We are based mostly on forum, so you must have an ongoing forum account to be in the team. Every month we will have a forum thread, where the rest of you guys can state your questions or concerns. Any team member will respond to you as soon as possible! I will go over all the rules of communication a little later. and the requesting format. If you are NOT a part of the team, you may not answer any questions.

Who will be on this team, may you ask? I will be, of course. There will be an admission to get in, a form that will have to be answered. Anyone that gets in will get an invite from me, and we will discuss any questions you have and all of that.

To be considered as a member, all you have to do is:
-Like this post
-Comment down below:
Your coding username on Hopscotch and the forum (If they are different)
How many years have you been coding?
What your specialty of help is (debugging, brainstorming, tutorials…)
Who you look up to on Hopscotch and why?
How often do you go on the forum?
How often do you think you will go on the thread and answer questions?

Thank you guys so much for reading! I hope you will decide to be a part of this team. Here is a little poll for you to complete:

  • I will totally be a part of this- I love to help people!
  • This club is weird. Nah girl

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Our current members are-
@PartTimeFemale - debugging specialty
@HopedHoper - Tutorials and brainstorming specialty
@Petrichor - All-rounder
@FluffyMice - Debugging specialty
@Swati_Bang - Brainstorming speciality
@Yusamac205 - All-rounder
Let the questions begin!
You can STILL be a part of the team with the admission info up above! Thank you to all the members!

For all the questioners, you must state your username, what you need help with (debugging, tutorials, brainstorming, etc) and under it a brief yet descriptive description of your problem. Either me or one of the members specializing in your topic will get back to you as soon as possible. Please be nice and follow all of the Hopscotch rules! Please no spam on this topic, any spam will be flagged, along with off-topic discussions!

For all the members- please answer the question to the best of your ability. Be supportive, and also please follow all of the Hopscotch rules. Please no spam on this topic, any spam will be flagged, along with off-topic discussions!

Thanks for reading! You can start the convo by asking a question!


Ask questions (HHT)

my has is the same as my forum name
been codind 3 yeers
i can debug but i’m not great at coding
i look up to the real funky 63 caus they post alot and there stuff is good
i go on the forum preaty mutch evry day
i try to anwser many questions as i can but i ushaly ignore questions if somones already helped.
Note: my ipad is broken at the moment so i can’t do anything on hs right now.

  • Username: FluffyMice! (With the !)
  • How many years you have been coding? Since 2014
  • What your speciality of help is: Debugging projects
  • Who you look up to on Hopscotch and why? Because I am going to be a programmer when I grown up.
  • How often do you go on the forum? Every day. I read every single new topic.
  • How often do you think you will go on the thread and answer questions? I will go on a lot, As long as it as active.


I have a glitch I’d like to ask about! For awhile I’ve been noticing that when I hit play on a project, all the shapes or characters don’t show up but text does. So usually I would just restart the app a couple of times and then they would show up again but after the latest updates they haven’t been showing up at all. Any ideas? (Also this has only been happening with projects I’ve made after the new update)




Thank you to all of the members that signed up! I decided to let you all in since everyone was so diverse, so check out your names in the topic! All members, make sure to turn on your notifications as either watching or tracking so you know when someone replied and is asking a question. THIS IS MEANT TO BE AN ONGOING TOPIC! I think we have a couple of questions above that are scattered within the admissions, so feel free to jump onto them and answer!

Please answer questions regularly! If I see no participation, I may have to pull you. You can also still sign up! I am ALWAYS ready for new members!

Thank you! Ask away! (And members, answer away!)


Your coding username on Hospcotch and the forum (If they are different) Great Sharks :shark:
How many years you have been coding? three years
What your speciality of help is (debugging, brainstorming, tutorials…) Can it be everything?
Who you look up to on Hopscotch and why? Creative inspiring people who are good at coding
How often do you go on the forum? Every spare second of my dar
How often do you think you will go on the thread and answer questions? So frequent that all questions might be answered before everyone gets the chance to answer


@Yusamac205 - You are in! Thank you for your participation!!


@Swati_Bang I will try to start immediately


Thank you @Yusamac205, I think @MyPizza up above has a question! I would like one of you members up above to answer this one instead of me. Since debugging isn’t my forte exactly!


In order to assist you, I need to understand what project you are having trouble with.


All of my projects I’ve made after the update have been buggy. The ones I’ve made before the update don’t glitch.


@MyPizza- Are you saying ALL of your projects are glitchy? Are you SURE it is not a problem with the code or a certain block you are adding in to each of your projects that causes it to be this way? If it isn’t and you double-checked, these kinds of glitches may be a problem with the newer update Hopscotch has added, and has to be adressed with The Hospcotch Team. I just have a question if this is the case, were these glitches occuring before the update, or after the update?
Thank you for asking this question!


Well it’s definitely nothing wrong with the code because after the update, when I make a new project and create a shape to put code in, then leave the game and come back, they don’t show up when I hit play even though I haven’t put any code in them. (This doesn’t occur with text, only shapes and character sprites.) and to answer your other question, this has occurred before the update but I’ve been able to restart the app and return to my project to make the shapes appear again. This doesn’t seem to work after the new update though to fix it. (Sorry if that was confusing it’s kinda difficult to explain)c


Oh and yeh this happens with ALL new projects I make.


Make a topic about it in bugs.


Again, @MyPizza , I believe this kind of glitch is something that only THH can solve. And it still may have something to do with the update, because at least before the update you had a way to fix this problem temporarily. Now, there is nothing you can do about it. So, I think you should try to talk to THH about this.


Mkay well thanks for trying!


Keep the questions coming! We are not getting too much activity on this topic.

Here is a little poll for you guys to complete, just so I can get a sense for what the deal is here-

  • This is a great idea… just keep at it
  • Just forget it, and make your other awesome posts
  • I think you should do both

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Thanks, and again if you have questions be sure to ask them.