Hopscotch Help center!



Welcome to the hopscotch help center!

This is the zone where you can always get help from out new friend @HelpBot

This account will help you when you say

"@helpbot: (message)"

With the :

If you just can't find the right answer to a question, HelpBot will help you 100%!!

Now we need people behind HelpBot to run it 24/7!

HelpBot will be able to help you with any coding question!

HelpBot needs people to apply for staff!

Form to sign up to help HelpBot

Hopscotch username:
Time on(with timezone)

REMBER! Start asking by next week Friday!

Anytime then you will get awnsers!


Huge credit to @933lavacoolcoder5858: http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/helpbot-hopscotch/26129


I am 12 years old.
I am usually on at night or in the afternoon. That is in Eastern U.S


Help bot is shut down right now xD


He needs approval by @Liza
Hopefully HelpBot will be up soonly



Thank you for the information






Well @HelpBot will be a big help

See what I did there


Wait a second... @HelpBot liked that?

HELPBOT IS HERE! Don't worry!


I only know the info xD

Staff hasn't reviewed the account

He can't post only veiw and like


Oh, well that makes sense

And his like isn't there anymore. Curious


I unliked xD

I don't want HelpBot to like random things lel


Wait unliked what?


Hopscotch username: SmilyStars
Age(optional): 12
Time on(with timezone): European time zone
@Huggingfluffybear please !!
(@Helpbot hi)
@Liza @Rodrigo approval


Wanna sign up for HelpBot staff?


Your post as HelpBot


So I apply!!!


Thank you

Saving your form


Thanks, I am saving your form


Yey !
Wait so when will u announce the staffs !
And how many will their be